Faucet material

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  With the development of economy and science, the modern faucet has been developed with various kinds of faucet, such as cast iron, plastic, copper, alloy, ceramic and stainless steel. Among them cast iron bibcock has been gradually eliminated, and the whole plastic bibcock is used in special domain most, the bibcock that 【View Details】

The art bath layout of the bathroom of the size of the toilet

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  A lot of times, because of the restriction of housing space, the area of toilet is small. But scientific and reasonable design can let toilet give a person the line of sight that gives a person to be open and simple use function of line of sight. How to decorate the toilet of so small door type?  In colour respect as 【View Details】

Hunan first household bathroom exposition will be held soon.

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  In hunan province is the first household exposition will be held in the provincial capital changsha wei yu, the theme of this event is to promote household sanitary ware products, using super preferential activities to attract consumer attention, thereby giving impetus to the development of household sanitary ware industry, 【View Details】

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