Stainless steel bathroom cabinet or a new business opportunity in the market

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  In the last two years, the sanitary environment and the market conditions of this year are explained by the herding effect and the Matthew effect. The stainless steel bathroom cabinet, which is completely different from the traditional solid wood bathroom cabinet and PVC, is still in the camp this year.  In view of the 【View Details】

The decisive battle industry of 100 billion, the construction work is a good main force

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  We elected production model and technology innovation, held in lushan district federation of trade unions in 2015 "the main decisive battle industry 100 billion, should be a good" 21 employees labor competition won the advanced individual. The hr department and general manager of the company commended the 21 【View Details】

The director of the standing committee of lushan district committee, minister of the armed forces, but shao Ming and other leaders went deep into the company to carry out education activities

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  Report from our correspondent (Wang Ji kei) on March 24, lushan district party committee standing committee of the communist party secretary of department of military equipment, but less in OuZhi departments, non-public departments, lushan area ecological industrial city, accompanied by department heads, as the party's 【View Details】

Zhao jincheng deputy director of the provincial science and technology department and the head of the municipal science and technology department led the company to carry out the party's mass line education practice.

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  On the 25th of this month, zhao jincheng, deputy director of jiangxi provincial science and technology department, took the leadership of the municipal science and technology department to carry out the party's mass line education practice. The company is involved in the reception of the office and the technical development 【View Details】

Female exhibition style love the factory like the family love post and dedication

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  On March 8, the spring breeze was warm and sunny. In order to celebrate the 103rd 38th international women, all the female workers of the company carried out a series of labor competitions organized by the women's work committee. Among them, the organization of the time workers cleaning and cleaning of the sanitation 【View Details】

The company has won the honorary title of "quality credit AAA enterprise of jiangxi province in 2012

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  Recently, from jiangxi province quality and technical supervision bureau, jiujiang caixing sanitary ware industrial co., LTD won the honorary title of "quality credit AAA enterprise of jiangxi province in 2012". This award means that the provincial-level supervising units will recognize the quality of our company 【View Details】

Warmly celebrate the "caixing" brand sanitary ware products "jiangxi province famous brand products

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  In February 2013, from jiangxi provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision, our company produced "caixing" sanitary ware products, which won the title of "jiangxi famous brand products". Over the years, our company has always attached great importance to quality of work, to "positive 【View Details】

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