The art bath layout of the bathroom of the size of the toilet
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  A lot of times, because of the restriction of housing space, the area of toilet is small. But scientific and reasonable design can let toilet give a person the line of sight that gives a person to be open and simple use function of line of sight. How to decorate the toilet of so small door type?

  In colour respect as far as possible use light color to adjust pure color light material, white metope can make small bathroom looks bigger. Or choose milky white or light yellow, light blue and light green also good, let a person naturally associate with water, and also belong to relatively relaxed tonal. If the structure permits, you can make grooves on the wall, make small closets, mirror boxes and so on, and place some scattered items.

  The design of the washbasin: the design of the lavatory is decided according to the size of toilet, the entrance of lavatory area is commonly in toilet. Small toilet can set up vertical wash basin or the washboard that choose empty below. You can even use translucent glass basins to reduce space support.

  Bath function: still have some use bath crock to increase the small secret of storage space. For example, in the crenel around the bathtub, there are several sizes of the cave, and the toiletries have a hiding place. The ceramic tile with the same wall as the surrounding wall is laid on the hollow place, already beautiful, enlarge the storage space again, use it is also very convenient.

  Bath size: install bath crock in small household bathroom, size must be the primary consideration element. Suggest choosing sitz bath tub, and the bathtub is usually designed accord with human body posture functional line, due to the bottom of the cylinder area is small, the bathtub than other easy to stand, a bit does not affect the use of comfort. In this way, the metope that beside the bathtub installed on a shower, bath by a free sliding outside the shower curtain as a tool of dry wet depart, whether in the shower or bath, all can comfortably.

  Wei yu small piece also is the important link that assures future life comfortable. First of all, towel bar, towel bar, toilet paper rack, bath crock hang rod, soap box, mouth cup frame, hook, etc are indispensable, and the determination of the location and height decided to feel comfortable and convenient in the future. This point requires the designer to have some experience and have enough communication with the owner.

If conditions permit, installation of an independent shower room is also a good option. At present the shower room in the market has arc, diamond shape, right Angle shape and so on, suit to install in the corner, can make use of limited space effectively, suit small wei yu very much.

  If there is about 1 square metre of independent shower space, use a fixed shower screen to do wet and dry separation most appropriate, can ensure the whole of shower room, visual effect is good. A narrow marble platform can be installed in the shower screen to block the flow of water from the shower area. The glass partition is fixed on the marble platform and fixed with the lock and wall. In this way, a simple piece of glass, the dry and wet separation between bath.

  List the various use items needed in the bathroom. According to the order of the importance of the master habits, such as implement, the mesa of wash one's hands (column or wash basin), mirror, etc., and determine the size of all projects must, when using project is restricted by the narrow space, the need to "choose the use admission, very reluctantly give up what one favours", such as the mirror with camera and store content function 2 for one.

  Summary: small family toilet science and reasonable design, also can bring comfortable life to enjoy. Above the small door toilet design small knowledge, hope can provide some useful reference information for you!

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