Take inventory of these bathroom brands
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  On April 10, China's largest interior design and home decoration Internet platform qijia network, submitted the listing application to the Hong Kong stock exchange. It is understood that the qijia network, established in 2007, has a market share of 25.7%, and the ecosystem has expanded to 6,680 decoration companies in over 250 cities nationwide. In 2014, it invested 400 million in the gull bath, which once became the symbol of cooperation between building materials home enterprises and Internet platforms in capital and even strategic level.

  Qijia net of seagulls to go public?

  The company was founded in 2007 and has been suspended since its launch in 2009. In November 2014, its network to the transferee equity + add subscription way, $413.82 million stake in the seagulls sanitary ware, jointly held the seagulls sanitary ware 66 million shares, becoming the second largest shareholder, and occupy the independent director of a third of the seats.

The marriage between the qijia network and the seagull has sparked a heated debate, and industry insiders speculated that qijia was listed on the backdoor seagull bath. But it is undeniable that the marriage of both sides has brought great benefits. Its net capital injection for more vibrant gulls, seagull customers through its network of channels to realize the rapid expansion of online sales, enhanced the competitiveness of the products, accelerate the consolidation of sanitary ware industry.



  The profit and loss of qijia net.

  Now, the seagull bathroom has successfully changed its name to seagull living, and it has been able to apply for the listing. At present, qijia network has completed four rounds of financing, including China circular management consulting, CDH and baidu and other investors, with baidu holding 16% in the second largest shareholder. It can be seen that seagull and the qi family in the industry market and capital market have achieved a good result.

  In the household and sanitary ware industry, enterprises need because of the development needs and strategic planning, such a marriage phenomenon: some or all of the equity or capital for each other, or both sides realize the strategic cooperation, Shared resources. In the fierce competition, whether cross-border enterprise want to enter the sanitary ware market, or foreign enterprises enter Chinese market, the "marriage" usually is the enterprise bulk, qiangqiang cooperation, maximizing the interests of the perfect way.


  Foreign and domestic brand marriage cases.

  Kohler and jiande hutch wei, jia feng wei yu.

  In December 2008, kohler formally acquired zhuhai jiande kitchen and bathroom products co., LTD., and established kohler kitchen and bathroom products co., LTD in zhuhai. In the same month, kohler bought the company with maple bath (zhongshan) co. LTD.

  These two acquisitions were seen as a typical case of kohler's foray into the Chinese market and the integration of Chinese resources. With the acquisition of gade kitchen, kohler is completely free in the production of the sink, and is able to embrace a brand new professional tank brand. However, the ability of adding maple shower room to solve the problem of custom glass screen was very famous at that time.

  Li lives in the acquisition of the American standard, the high instrument.

  In June 2013, it announced that it would pay $542 million to buy the company. Before the takeover, has faced propaganda does not reach the designated position, fuzzy brand positioning and other issues, in the engineering project and dealers caused by taking direct sales model, the problems, to the enterprise is not escape the fate of the takeover in one hundred.

  In September 2013, the company agreed to buy an 87.5 per cent stake in the German company for y400bn in an agreement with the Japanese policy investment bank (SPC). By September 2016, li had purchased all of the shares held by SPC for 45 billion yen, and turned it into a wholly-owned subsidiary.

  Duravit, seagulls and four dimensions.

  Duravit, Germany in 2003 to enter the Chinese market, then the production joint venture with the four-dimensional chongqing metro area of annual production capacity of 500000 pieces of high-grade sanitary ceramics, significantly improved the four dimensional international visibility and competitiveness, but also make it with the background of foreign investment cooperation. In 2015, duravit built a production center in jiangjin luohuang industrial park. It was completed and put into operation in 2017, with an annual capacity of 1.45 million units. With the layout of jiangjin, duravit successfully entered the Chinese market.

  In August 2016, on the other hand, the seagull bathroom announced by 60.5042 million yuan lump-sum payment done to four dimensions of a 80% stake in the transferee wei yu, and in the Chinese city of chongqing united assets and equity exchange complete delisting of the four-dimensional wei yu. By March 2017, the seagull bathroom has announced that it has acquired all the remaining shares in four wei wei yu.

  Yue family and eagle wei yu, ji more.

  In 2006, Spanish brand music home sanitary ware purchase eagle brand bathroom. After the acquisition, le house didn't give up the "eagle" wei yu brand, but the original brand name into the "eagle" wei yu, changes in the system, make the eagle bathroom in later years has developed rapidly.

  In 2008, the music home sanitary ware through the eagle wei yu, began to buy the auspicious matter many wei yu. In contrast to the previous acquisition, the company still USES the brand name "guido" after it was acquired. The two sides are married in a wholly-owned way.

  Emperor sanitary ware and osheno.

  In November 2016, emperor sanitary ware announced the purchase of 100 percent of osheno, which caused a heated discussion in the industry. In July 2017, emperor reorganization of Europe god nuo ceramic sanitary ware and success, and in April 2018 changed its name to the household, the two sides in the industry layout, channel coordination and the allocation of resources to complete integration, around the "sanitary ware" and "architectural pottery" two people in the building materials sector, further improve the market share of the company's products, to make it in the future can be "China furniture industry is one of the leading companies in the advantage".

  McGrath and jardine.

  In 2013, the company invested 12 million yuan to occupy a 40 percent stake in jardine's bathroom. After that, it accelerated the layout of the intelligent bathroom industry through the multi-wheel equity operation, and won a pleasant and 86% share in 2018. In addition, magmett also cooperated with huda wei yu, co-funded the establishment of "huimi technology" to expand the market of intelligent bathroom. Of these, it accounts for 60 per cent of registered capital, and Macquarie accounts for 40 per cent of registered capital.

  Facing the change of market environment brought by the change of consumer demand, sanitary industry is experiencing labor pains. In this development process, we can see that the enterprises in the bathroom have been transformed and upgraded in various ways, with the cooperation of peers and cross-border cooperation. There is technology sharing, and there are services; And no matter what kind of "marriage" is used, the company can take a longer term by taking advantage of each other's strengths and benefiting from each other.

  (source: headliner - public number)

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