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  With the end of the month in February 2018, what will be the change and development in the area of sanitary ware in March? Will the depression of January and February rise? How about the sales of each brand? Are there big changes in the top 10 brands? Under the big data of the largest e-commerce platform, taobao, which products are the most popular products? The group that defend bath buys a place to be distributed mainly in what city?

  Below is taobao cut in March 2018 that defend bath the category top ten brand sales ranking situation diagram, as shown in the following bar charts, brand sales in March of the first three are nine animal husbandry, wrigley and kohler, top ten brand market index 2 month soared up in March, the index of well over 1 million, but this month, the number one cause of sell like hot cakes is still nine animal husbandry, the trading index rose 174% in February; Koller, who came in at no. 5 in February, jumped to the top three this month, with the index up 180 percent from the previous month.

1101361EDED3E1-63DE-BE81-1DD7-1A2A6AC82588-1.jpg in March, the whole category of sanitary ware brand sales ranking.

  In march, the biggest dark horse also belongs to the seventh rose island brand, in March, rose island in cat in the shower room naked price big promote quality home decoration section, successful 500 away from February's ranking, leapt into the top ten, trading index of 1.07 million, rose 16900% in February from a full turn countless.

Attention to blue line chart, as shown in figure, this month sell like hot cakes in the top ten top ten brands, all rise to the payment amount, the payment amount of each big brand increase from the previous month and rose more than 100%, the whole taobao this month cut whole wei yu brands thoroughly arm in January and February 2018, the sharp rise in heat exchange.

  Below is taobao cut in March that defend bath each category sales ranking, as shown in the line chart, wei yu in March with the category deals is still the most heat bathroom ark combination, the common toilet and shower shower faucet, 3 months in 2018 to a list of three consecutive, amount is paid the parent category accounted for 23.91%, 9.76% and 8.97% respectively, than the last month rose; Among them, the total amount of shower room paid in the same category increased by 2.8 percentage points over the previous month. in March, bathroom products of all categories of hot sellers.



  This month hit 10 category without exception to the payment amount from last month's rise, which ranks fifth overall shower room sell like hot cakes growth amount, the largest amount paid 820.09%, shower shower bibcock and ordinary toilet also increased by more than 200%, in February march each category as a whole wei yu heat than is growing by leaps and bounds, rising trend is obvious.

  Below is march taobao tech-oriented product that defend bath top ten hit list, as shown in figure in the bar chart, the number one is still thousands of mix water valve, model 8589, 414100 trade index, rose 77% than last month, pay packages up to 18856 pieces, from rose 176% last month, this month's top ten major products trading index and pay packages have different degrees of rise, and in the top ten top ten products this month, the submarine accounted for 6 seats, to monopolize the market in the field of most of the small things that defend bath.


In march, was a hot seller.

  Below is march taobao tech-oriented defends bath product consumer city distribution list, as shown in figure shown in this month, taobao consumer distribution that defend bath the most densely populated city of hangzhou, Shanghai and guangzhou, accounted for 4.49%, 4.31% and 4.49% respectively; In the first ten cities of this month, the unit price was increased to a certain extent last month.


In march, has a ranking of consumer distribution of bathroom products.

  To sum up, the overall popularity of taobao in the first three months of the New Year, the overall popularity of the bathroom, the decline of February, the trade index of each major brand has skyrocketed, the increase is quite high; The payment amount of each category of products has also increased significantly from last month, and we hope that in the following April, we will be able to make further efforts to reach a new high.

  [knowledge development]

  Market index: data center according to the product sales, page views, clicks, collection and so on many comprehensive index calculated by the measured data, usually used to measure the heat of the product, brand.

  Market growth: according to the statistical period (payment amount - a periodic payment amount)/payment amount is calculated on a cycle, such as the amount of payment (20150902-20150901) to the payment amount / 20150901 payment amount.

  The amount of payment is in the parent category: the transaction amount of the sub-industry, which is the proportion of the parent industry. For example, the amount of the basin faucet is 2.51% of the total amount of the parent category, which means that the transaction amount of the basin faucet is 2.51% of the total amount of the transaction in the bathroom industry.

  Customer unit price: in the statistical time, the payment amount/number of buyers, i.e. the average payment amount of each buyer.

  (source: zhongjie)

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