The director of the standing committee of lushan district committee, minister of the armed forces, but shao Ming and other leaders went deep into the company to carry out education activities
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  Report from our correspondent (Wang Ji kei) on March 24, lushan district party committee standing committee of the communist party secretary of department of military equipment, but less in OuZhi departments, non-public departments, lushan area ecological industrial city, accompanied by department heads, as the party's mass line, research education practice, and understand the company faces in the process of production of the most urgent and need to solve the difficulties and problems. At the same time, we will listen to the opinions and Suggestions from the enterprises on the district government, so as to be able to carry out a solid and effective development in the future. The company's chief executive, Yin chunwang, and the representatives of the grass-roots party members will participate in the discussion and give their opinions.

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