Stainless steel bathroom cabinet or a new business opportunity in the market
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  In the last two years, the sanitary environment and the market conditions of this year are explained by the herding effect and the Matthew effect. The stainless steel bathroom cabinet, which is completely different from the traditional solid wood bathroom cabinet and PVC, is still in the camp this year.

  In view of the uncertainty of the current market environment of building materials, many manufacturers have shrunk substantially this year, and many business owners ask again: "who moved my cheese?" Some might say that the regulation of real estate policy, reduce the overall volume of trading volume, the market rigid demand is sharply reduced. Yes, the environment is bad, nobody can do it. However, there is still the sun going forward, so the stainless steel bathroom cabinet should look for its own reasons. What is the reason for the current situation? The sales volume of the manufacturer depends on the operation of the dealer. If the dealer can't sell the goods, we should go back to the source and analyze the dealer's problems.

  Take the stainless steel bathroom cabinet as an example.

  First, aesthetic fatigue led to the end users such as stainless steel bathroom cabinets, stainless steel bathroom cabinet, for example, is literally a level at least 10 dealers agents on building materials market, product design is the same, product quality is good and bad are intermingled, product price is polarized, dared ask if you are a consumer, buy in? So the numbness that the style causes consumer to see, can't give a person fresh and fresh feeling, the product price is suddenly high and low, let many consumer hope and stop. Therefore, consumers will reject the stainless steel bathroom cabinet, and finally choose to buy solid wood or PVC, which is known as "stainless steel is going down the road".

  The author found in visit some size city building materials stores, many stores price bid, although many of the products are on sale, guide and also confident that this is called a leading marketing, first standard, and the price discount for consumers to have a kind of take advantage of feeling. The author thinks this is the lowest level marketing method. The current Internet user experience is the loudest word. How to improve the user experience, good product to call out. Now facing the fierce competition, the wine is also afraid of the alley deep. I saw in my visit huangshan a customer is at the top of the ark of bathroom of a disinfection posted a product introduction (including the disinfection of bathroom ark product introduction, function introduction, instructions, maintenance instructions), and to do so is very humanization, can let consumer be clear at a glance, if you have questions, consulting the seller again. This is a much better product than the introduction of the product. So good products must be shown.

  Promotion is not dumping, promotion is short term is activating market, inducing consumption, long-term is a brand promotion; Sales promotion is too quick and quick, don't be too eager to achieve immediate results, avoid "eager to eat hot bean curd". Wuhu a dealer in order to activate the market, more than 10 agents, combined the local personnel support and product discount support (manufacturer) to make bathroom of a five-star feast, the concrete content: buy a cabinet, can go to a five-star hotel, enjoy five-star treatment, and have the opportunity to contact with factory workers, learning to maintain product knowledge. Early television, newspapers, portal websites, publicity vehicles, and the development of community sanitary ware and other public welfare activities. After a follow-up visit, I was informed that the sales promotion was very effective. Personally, the dealer is smart enough to borrow. First of all, through the power of five-star hotels, ancient Greece has such a story, originally made in ancient Greece a black pearl is worthless, someone at a dinner party will show a piece of black pearl and diamond, black pearl became priceless. This promotion is to let the customers know that my product is also five-star. Second, mutual borrowing, now is the team era, individual financial resources, material resources, limited energy, so only integrated resources, can win. Then it is to borrow the manufacturer's strength, have the good promotion plan, the manufacturer is also strongly support, the product discount aspect, the manpower, the material force.

  Stainless steel bathroom ark compares with solid wood bathroom ark, PVC bathroom ark, break original thought tie, compared with solid wood, original steel flexibility is better. It is believed that in the future development, whether the market is in winter or deep winter, the vitality of the enterprise will be as tough as steel.

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