Female exhibition style love the factory like the family love post and dedication
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  On March 8, the spring breeze was warm and sunny. In order to celebrate the 103rd 38th international women, all the female workers of the company carried out a series of labor competitions organized by the women's work committee. Among them, the organization of the time workers cleaning and cleaning of the sanitation corner of the factory, to create a comfortable and clean working environment. At the same time, the female employees of the organization, the factory, the polishing branch factory and the electroplating branch factory carry out the labor competition activities with various forms and rich contents. The specific competition project is: machine plus branch factory: the welding group output value race, the car milling punch production value competition, the numerical control group production value competition,; Polishing branch: production competition of hinge thread and appearance production; Electroplating factory: after plating unit machine check production game appearance, assembly pull on the inspection yield game appearance and plating line production, and to give benefits all participated in the activities of women workers.

  Through the organization to carry out such activities, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of female worker, in improving the production efficiency at the same time, both the harmonious working atmosphere and make the enterprise and employee relationship in harmony with the environment to achieve the win-win situation.

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