How will the bathroom companies take over the market?
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  Household custom opens a new era, from the initial concept to the rise of overall "custom", China's furniture industry usher in the "customize draught" seizes the market, companies are incoming custom whole house, "all who customize" also subsequently rise, in the brand development, standardization, standardization of direction.

  The whole concept of home decoration was aroused, from the whole house to the customization, the "custom wave" came to the face, seemingly promising, but actually difficult. From single product retail to brand integration, the six major pain points are gradually emerging. In the era of industry dancing, how will the bathroom enterprises seize the market?


Full-back customization (images from the network)

  In 2018, "customized bathroom" is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics.

From Europe and the United States to introduce custom concept, to the rise of a whole wardrobe, 2000, the ensuing is custom cabinets, doors, bathroom items, until in 2014 the overall domestic outfit concept awakened, custom expanded to the whole house, and all who customization of sanitary ware industry development.

  Especially in the background of the people, custom wave face to face. This may seem like a "tempting pie", but it is full of pitfalls, bright prospects and difficulties.

  You are ready for the full-back custom tuyere?

  To count the development of sanitary ware, experiencing the development and change, separate from the original product to form a complete set of "big bath" marketing concept, from bath item to integrated brand, from the point of marketing model, presents from selling products to selling space, to sell the concept of life change.

  The emergence of the concept of "household custom" for sanitary ware enterprises to see new possibilities, a unified, coordinated bespoke sanitary ware, high space utilization, etc, to attract the attention of consumers, has become a industry to expand the category. Each big bathroom enterprise shouted out loud custom slogan, also launched a fierce market competition, want to share a piece of the market in the high speed development.

  How to love you? All of them customize six pain points.

  Custom is wei yu of supply chain management, system construction, service ability and so on comprehensive test, this road, wei yu in the custom bumps and detours can be reached at any time, successful enterprise is one of the few, always in custom on the road, many enterprises are still in the play the role of pathfinder. Today, we are going to take a joint inventory of the six major pain points.

  Pain point one: lack of standards and norms.

  The industry is still in the stage of rapid development and disordered competition due to the low entry threshold and high market potential.

  Custom products have neither national standards nor industry standards; There is no technical specification, the installation and acceptance of the service specification is also a blank; Companies and consumers rely on only one piece of agreement to maintain, the custom home production operator and the consumer easily produce the contradiction.

  It is urgent to formulate product standards, introduce industry standards and promote the construction of industry integrity. Only by making clear the standards first, can we avoid many worries in the later period.

  Pain point two: service chain too long.

  Toilet cover the category is numerous, including toilet, hardware, bathroom furniture, and many other categories, category, there is a huge difference between such as dry wet depart, space force layout are in front of the problem.

  Who all customization, means that a high degree of unity and series product style, from waterproof material, color, style must be completely unified, which requires more about the details of cognition, and a strong supporting capacity, realize the unity of the style, color, style, size of factory products full of harmonious and unified have higher requirements.

  The customization on the one hand is the customization of product function, and the other is the matching of decoration service.

  However, between the two belong to the category of different services, many companies once positioning itself to late product design integration and installation company, the chain is very long, lead to problems, is also very hard to solve. So is it the integration of the product chain or the integration of after-sales and installation services?

The boundaries of the company's customization must be very clear, positioning, and ability   to focus on the core issues. In fact, many enterprises have positioned themselves as material enterprises. In terms of installation, they have started to cooperate with third-party professional companies to maximize their advantages and maximize their value.

Pain point three: the user experience is difficult.

  The "user experience" is the core of the continuous development of the brand in this era. The "customized bathroom" should win the recognition of consumers, and the user experience is especially crucial.

  However toilet complex structure, stress and link the matching degree of decorate, such as the need to reserve water, space planning in advance, to know more about master life habits, such as family members, so when planning space is the need to make a comprehensive research. If the size is not in place, the installation problem, the after-sale problem is as much as the cow hair, it is easy to let the owner create "trouble" psychology.

"In fact, it is not the core issue that is customised by the whole wei. The biggest pressure is to enhance the user experience and make the user feel more convenient and comfortable to use," said one person in the industry.

  Pain point four: delivery cycle pain.

  At present, the problem of customization is the longer delivery cycle. From the bathroom customization, from the order to the actual installation, about 30 days to 40 days, in the social rhythm accelerated in the present, this time period makes many people difficult to accept. If other human errors occur in the process, the process will be more complex, so the delivery time is an industry pain point.

  Industry insiders say the pressure: "if the product category is complete, the delivery cycle will be too long due to a wide variety of products, but consumers choose too few products to reflect the brand's strength." This is a dilemma.

  Companies are also looking for ways to shorten the delivery cycle, some for 15 days.

  Pain point five: high price consumers can't climb, low price companies can't hurt.

  All who custom because of the higher technical requirements and difficulty coefficient, is supposed to get more space at a premium, but in the highly competitive sanitary ware industry, price war belongs to the common means of competition of enterprise, most consumers to price range has higher sensitivity and attention.

  Sell this price to your home, I'm lower than you, you come to me to play prices, will eventually profit margins become thin, unable to guarantee a steady service quality, and continuous innovation. Therefore, the pricing model of the whole product becomes an industry topic.

  What range should the price of the bathroom be customized? According to the price performance of Europa in 2017, the main price is 5888 yuan/set. How to set reasonable price, need enterprise to attach great importance. Harbin a wei yu dealer reaction, the price is in 15 thousand to 30 thousand toilet custom wei yu is popular with the consumer.

From the point of cities, first-tier cities has adapted to the wardrobe, cabinets and other custom the pattern of household, universal recognition of custom that defend bath is higher, but in three or four line city consumer acceptance remains to be improved, also with consumer spending power.

  Pain point 6: dealer mentality needs to change urgently.

  For most brands, it is the dealers who face the consumers directly. Therefore, the unified dealer thinking is the key to the implementation of the enterprise's strategy. In fact, according to the study of dealers are of interest to all who customize, but some dealers do not like spending too much, they are more willing to on the basis of the existing optimization, rather than to overthrow again.

  Indeed, in the dealer level, from selling products to selling marketing, to sell a way of life, is the shift from the inside out, need more system standardization service, service for manufacturers and dealers are put forward higher requirements.

For example, the customization needs to be designed and measured first. At the same time, new plans are made for the layout of the later installation and the whole bathroom space, and the whole marketing and service mode has undergone major changes.

  Therefore, the manufacturer must establish a perfect service system, how to guide the dealers to keep up with The Times, to reach the manufacturer's agreement, is the problem that the manufacturer must consider.

  As early as the end of 2014, yao liangsong, the European chairman who was the first to try water customization, said a word:

  If you compare people to a mountain, the mountain is majestic and steep, with huge and rich minerals and a precipitous anomaly. So, we have to climb slowly.

But in the era of fierce competition, bathroom enterprises have accelerated the reaction, accelerated action, seize the market and consumers' mental positioning.

  It is doomed to be a war of no gunpowder smoke, survive in the cruel competition is the true hero, also hard to avoid can have forays, market is the best stage, consumers will vote for the sacred in RMB.

  In the era of industry dancing, we look forward to the brand standardization, standardization and standardization of the customization industry, opening a new chapter of the whole wei customization!

  (source: zhongjie)

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